Is my ticket valid for another day?

Tickets are purchased for a specific time slot in order to optimize access to the exhibition and organise the flow of the public. Tickets are only valid for the date selected and are not valid for another day.

What happens if I am running late?

Your ticket is valid for entry within a one-hour time slot. If you arrive outside this one hour time slot, we will endeavour to provide you with access to the exhibition in the next time slot – subject to availability and capacity.

Please note however, that there may be longer waiting times and we cannot guarantee access to the exhibition outside the specified time slot if we are fully booked.

If you have booked the last time slot at 7pm, please be on time so that you have enough time to enjoy the performance in a relaxed atmosphere, as we close at 8pm.

I do not know what time I can go to the exhibition. Can I buy a ticket without a date and time?

There is the option to buy a ticket voucher to give to a loved one or for yourself if you do not yet know an exact date for your visit.

Access to the exhibition is organised via one hour time slots. To ensure a pleasant and smooth visit for everyone, please be on site within the hour. Once the exhibition is accessed, you can stay inside as long as they want.

The average visit time is 1 hour. To reserve a time slot, start the booking process and use the code on the voucher ticket to pay.

Can I change the ticket or return it if I cannot go?

Tickets are generally non-refundable and the date is binding. Ticket terms and conditions are agreed to before purchase. However, under special circumstances, you can contact us and our user support team might be able to offer another day for your visit. Make sure to include your ticket order number.

Is it possible to buy gift vouchers without a date and a time?

There is the option to buy a gift voucher to give to a loved one.

Please note that a gift voucher is not an access ticket to the exhibition and a reservation is absolutely necessary.

To redeem a gift voucher and reserve a time slot, please start the booking process. Choose the option “Redeem gift voucher” instead of a ticket type and enter the voucher code for payment. You will then receive your ticket by email.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Tickets are only available at the box office if we have not sold out through the online sales channel. It is therefore strongly recommended that you purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment on site and to ensure that you obtain tickets for your chosen day and time.

When buying tickets on site, we would like to draw your attention to the 35 kr higher service fee per person.

What is the last entry time?

Last entry is 1 hour before closing time of the day. Therefore, ticket holders of the 19:00 time slot should arrive at the venue on time in order to have enough time to enjoy the exhibition experience. However, to compensate for delays in admission during the last time slot, we always close the exhibition a quarter of an hour after the official closing time so that you have enough time to enjoy everything!

The Exhibition Experience

How to enjoy the show

1. Van Gogh Alive is not a cinema film, theatre performance or concert, but an immersive exhibition.

2. You are allowed to move. In fact, we encourage you to move. It’s fun to see the projections and the space from different perspectives.

3. You are not in anyone’s way. You don’t walk through anyone’s image. You don’t disturb anyone.

4. Nobody is in your way. No one is walking in your way. If you feel disturbed, please move a bit aside.

5. You may take photos. Of yourself, of your companion, of the projections. Please do not take off your mask and don’t use the flash.

6. You may upload the photos to any social media channel you find. Please tag us @vangoghaliveno and #vangoghlivenorway.

7. You are allowed to talk. Please do not shout while doing so.

8. Please do not reprimand anyone. Especially if they are moving, talking or taking photos.

Are there Van Gogh paintings in the exhibition?

Van Gogh Alive – The Experience is not an exhibition in its classic sense, it is an authentic piece of multimedia art, which combines the exhibition of the paintings with the physical space in which they are projected. More than 3,000 images (huge, crystalline and inspiring) transform each surface. However, we do not have any physical works by Vincent Van Gogh, they are projected on giant screens.

How much time do I need to see the exhibition?

The multimedia experience of the exhibition lasts 45 minutes but there is also an introductory part so we recommend staying about one hour. Once inside, you can enjoy the experience as long as you want. Please always check the opening and closing times of the exhibition before planning your visit.

Is there a cloakroom?

There are cloakroom facilities available. Use of these is at your own risk.

It is not permitted to enter the exhibition with: food, drinks, umbrellas, baby strollers or baby seats, large backpacks, suitcases, motorcycle helmets, bicycles, skateboards, etc.

Is there a restaurant?

Yes! Lillestrøm Lobby is situated within NOVA Spektrum, where you can enjoy coffee and freshly baked baked goods, tasty buttered sandwiches and our signature prawn sandwich with fresh hand-peeled prawns from Nordland. If you’d rather have something lighter, you can enjoy snacks and a glass of bubbly or still from our beautiful bar. From Wednesday to Saturday evening meals are also available.

To find out more please visit https://lillestromlobby.no/ or book your table now

Is it suitable for children?

This event is recommended for all ages. There is no minimum age for access to the exhibition. Children up to 3 years old can access free of charge accompanied by an adult. It is recommended that adults should keep their children nearby so as not to disturb other visitors. Also, please supervise children at all times because no leaning on, kicking or touching screens and equipment is allowed. Due to the nature of the exhibition, the venue will have minimal lighting. Please be aware of your surroundings and take good care of the children.

Can I access with a stroller?

Access to the exhibition with baby strollers or baby seats is not allowed. Please look for the designated space in the waiting area for parking your strollers.

Can I take photos and videos?

Photography is allowed in the exhibition for personal and non-commercial use. Please make sure you don’t use the flash as it can disturb other visitors. It is forbidden to use tripods, monopods, and selfie sticks within the exhibition. Please feel free to post your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #VanGoghAliveNorway to share your experience with others.


Do you want to buy a souvenir to take home? At the end of the exhibition there is a special store, with a wide variety of products.

How do I get to the exhibition?

Please click here to find out.

Are dogs allowed in the exhibition?

Dogs are not allowed in the exhibition. There are many highly sensitive technical instruments (proyectors, speakers, lights, etc.) and we must ensure that they work. Exceptions are guide dogs and dogs carried in their bag.

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